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First session, sermon starts on minute 10:30 = click here

Second and Third sessions back to back (on minute 28:20 and on 1:37:30) = click here 

Fourth session, starts on minute 35:00 = click here


The Book of Daniel's prophecies: Kingdom Come. 30 minute video - click here

Christ in the Crisis: click here

U.S. Senate Chaplain Dr. Barry Black full remarks at National Prayer Breakfast February 02, 2020: click here

Series: Re-imaging God, 11-sessions:

  1. Irresistible Beauty: click here
  2. Through Tears: click here
  3. PRE Creation: click here
  4. Alluring Love: click here
  5. Seeing God, Seeing Me: click here
  6. Infinite Intimacy: click here
  7. Whoever Lives in Love: click here
  8. Navigating Evil: click here
  9. Letter vs Spirit: click here
  10. Sundering: click here
  11. A Lingering Fragrance: click here